Announcing Treasure Hilltop Estate's Christmas and New Year Promo Offer!
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Announcing Treasure Hilltop Estate’s Christmas and New Year Promo Offer!

This is to happily announce that starting from September 15 to December 30, 2021, the management of Arc-View Investments Limited has approved promo and mouthwatering gifts for clients who purchase land at Treasure Hilltop Estate, Alagbado Phase 2.

Here are the details:

At the second phase of the estate, full plots (600sqm) will be sold for N7.5million instead of N8million. However, half plots 300sqm will still sell for N4million.

The Gifts:

Outright payment for full plots will get (Ram + Rice + Oil or Table Top Fridge or Gas Coooker).

Outright Payment for half plot gets (Rice + Oil or Gas Cooker ).

Installment Payment from N1.5m gets (Rice + Oil), while installment of N500k gets (Rice).

Please note that ember months promo for other estates will be announced soonest.

Welcome to the ‘Ember months! It’s now time to own your property with us.

Best Regards,

Segun Oshundairo

New Price Alert for Treasure Hilltop and Treasure Island Estate
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New Price Alert

Going by prevailing market conditions, please note that land prices in Treasure Hilltop Estate, Alagbado will change to N7million for 600sqm and N3.5millon for 300sqm respectively from N6million and N3million before this new change. This takes effect from 1st of June, 2021.

Also, price of Treasure Island Estate, Phase 2 will change from N850k to N1million also starting from 1st of June, 2021.

This new change in price follows prevailing market conditions and as a Company focused on customer satisfaction and good business relationship, it is important to communicate this information to all prospective clients to close pending deals before the new price regime takes effect. Please note that clients who subscribe to the affected estates before the new price will lock the price with which they are subscribed.

For further information, please see the Company’s consultants, our social media handles or call us on: 0802-451-2115.

We are hiring
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Vacancy: Customer Success Representative

Job SummaryThe Customer Success Representative role is one that requires special skills not taught in the four walls of an academic settings. Hence, we seek to employ people with the right mien for success who are ready to be trained, and retrained in the art of dealing with customers and/or clients to get them satisfied result.Job Description

The Customer Success Representative role is one that requires special skills not taught in the four walls of an academic settings. Hence, we seek to employ people with the right mien for success who are ready to be trained, and retrained in the art of dealing with customers and/or clients to get them satisfied result.

You will meet clients and develop lasting business relationships with them. And as a face of our company, we will always give you ALL the tools and information necessary for you to achieve success in your role.

But then, you may also want to know about us. So who are we?

Our Company, Arcview Investments Limited is a people-first real estate company in Lagos founded in the year 2010. We pioneered the “build and move in” initiative in the Nigerian real estate industry, making us the leading real estate company in the country. Our CEO, Mr. Segun Oshundairo and his business counterpart, Mr. Abiodun Okegbenro, our MD, are well recognized in the Nigerian real estate industry. We have over twelve estates in Lagos and Ogun states alone with over 10,000 housing units in the estates.

Why you should work with us:

As a people-first real estate company, we are seeking passionate individuals who will develop strong business relationships with our prospective clients. The remuneration perk is impressive, and every December, we take a trip to Dubai to cool-off after a year of hard work and success. We are also very reasonable to speak about your salary even before you start working for us.

Also, one of the reasons why you should consider working with us is because we will equip you with everything you need to achieve success in your role. Software, training, manuals, and every relevant tool needed for success are what we will provide you with so you can start flying with us.

Job Requirement:

Prospective applicants are expected to have completed a minimum of Ordinary National Diploma in Business Administration, Marketing, Accountancy or other relevant field. We understand that skills needed for the success of the role is not tied to any specific academic field, hence, training and re-training of staffs is paramount in our quest to foster great customer relationship with our clients.
If you feel you have what it takes to succeed in this role, do not hesitate to apply.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to: and cc:

Good luck!



As construction cost rises due to attendant rise in prices of building materials, the trend of building houses directly on sand has been observed to be on the increase especially by unscrupulous developers and contractors. Having carried out an independent monitoring of construction activities in some areas in the Ajah axis of Lagos lately, it became obvious that in order to save cost people have resorted to constructing buildings directly on sand.

The awkward idea been adopted in most of the cases under study is to sand-fill the land, level and compact it with the use of machines and construct a reinforced concrete strip foundation directly over it without recourse to minimum construction/engineering standards. They do so very quickly so that before any of the regulatory bodies saddled with the responsibility of building control gets wind of their ill act, they are already on super-structure level at which point it is burdensome to ascertain how the foundation was actually built. On a particular site, using this vague method the entire foundation including the ground floor slab was put up in one week and by the next, they were already building up the walls and frame. Dishonest developers thrive in such indecent acts and sell or lease these buildings to unsuspecting prospective buyers who in-turn occupy them or cause others to do so by way of lease/rent too. There is no consideration for live and properties put at risk of an imminent collapse even as some of the buildings observed are already exhibiting symptoms of instability and sick building syndrome pre-occupancy.

That is why Arc-View Investments Limited is here to help you do a feasibility study as well as give advisory services regarding the way things should be done for a perfect ending.

Five years post-occupancy, the building over-settles (or sink) and then tilt in a particular direction. When asked, some of these developers claim that before there will be any major issue with the building, they would have recouped the returns on their investment and its left to the new owner to do a repair by way of underpinning as the need arises. To know that some greedy professionals have joined the bandwagon of quacks in delivering such poor structures is condemnable. This act should not be encouraged in any form.

Here are some structural considerations; normally after leveling and compacting operation has been carried out on a sand filling land, it still remains a made-up ground. Although the land becomes stiff at sub-surface levels, this doesn’t in anyway erase the fact that the underlying bad soil (or peat) remains intact and retains its poor attributes. Peats are highly compressible soils and will naturally compress upon the impact of load. As this happen, the building will settle indiffernetially, especially during seasonal changes and mass movement of the earth; which occurs at various times of the year. Such structural anomaly often leads to poor stability of the building and eventually a collapse if unable to bear the load, especially for single or multiple storied structures.

Rising cost of building materials should not be a yardstick to adopt poor construction methods in the construction methods in the construction of buildings and estate infrastructure anywhere. The authorities should not turn a blind eye to such activities that jeopardizes or threatens the lives of people as well as the overall health of the built environment. Project owners and developers should not connive with contractors or builders to manipulate well established engineering principles. It is important to select cost-saving methodologies like the use of dry construction methods; cold brick construction etc. but bad construction methods is never the way to go.

For a solid and reliable construction project, advisory services, building plan/design, count on ARC-VIEW INVESTMENTS LIMITED.



House Hunting Advice For The Married

Now that you have successfully tied the knot, you and your spouse may find yourselves thinking about purchasing a home together.

Home buying alone can be a stressful process, now throw in two different opinions in the mix, it can be downright taxing. Maybe you’re dying for a nice house in Lagos Island but your spouse loves the mainland so much because it’s closer to work. These disagreements can create roadblocks on your journey to your perfect home.

However, you shouldn’t let these arguments with your spouse cause you both to miss out on your dream home.  Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you would ever make as partners and it can also help improve the quality of your relationship so it pays to have some foresight into the buying process before making the leap to a joint homeownership. Check out this advice to help you get on the same page as your sweetheart and keep your house hunt from turning into World War III or the Apocalypse;

Advice 1- Make Separate Lists

These lists should carry the different expectations you both have for the new house. The best shot at a compromise is to find out the desires you both have in common.

Craft your own list, and have your spouse do the same, then compare the lists and identify a handful home feature (location, the number of rooms, a maid room, a big backyard) that are important to both of you. These agreed-upon features will serve as the foundation of your home-buying discussions. When you and your spouse start the home search on a common ground, you are more likely to compromise on other home features down the road.

Advice 2- The Emotionless Budget

Factoring finances into the house hunting process is a very tricky issue as couples most often disagree on things like; how much money they should spend on a home, do we take a mortgage? Or do we stick to our budget?

Do your best to take emotions out of the equation and look at the facts.  Don’t get caught up imagining holidays and family gatherings in a huge, extravagant kitchen or house. By removing your emotions from the decision, you’ll be able to choose a home you and your spouse will enjoy years from now.

Advice 3- Don’t Spend More Than You Can AffordFinancial woes are one of the main causes of divorce and strife. What good is owning a wonderful home if you have no money for good times overall comforts? Stay within your budget. Even if you outgrow your home, you can always sell it or rent it out when you upgrade it’s features.

Advice 4- Be Willing to Postpone the House HuntIf you and your spouse are at odds over the house hunting process, don’t be afraid to take a step back from the conversation. There will always be new homes for sale, but fighting or arguing over the home buying process will only create a greater divide between you and your significant other.Advice 5- Don’t Be Afraid To CompromiseCompromising is key when trying to find a middle ground on something that would fit both your needs. Try to prioritize these first; necessities, budget, location and partnershipIf you and your spouse can’t agree on a home, take a break, make a pact that you would hold off on some issues for a while, then come back to the discussion with a fresh perspective and outlook.

Advice 6- Let Your Realtor Be Your MediatorA quality real estate agent can listen to your housing disputes and help bridge the gap between you and your spouse. With their intimate knowledge of the market, an experienced agent can provide sound and unbiased adviceAdvice 7- Calculate ChangesSometimes, the features that a home lacks or that needs changing might be very expensive. Floors, closets, countertops, or sinks can all be replaced, redesigned or upgraded for a cost that might be less painful than an argument, hence you both need to calculate the changes the house you are buying might need and if the cost is unfavorable, you can always walk away.

All in all, most couples find that purchasing a home jointly brings them closer together, and we definitely hope your experience works out that way. Follow these tips, advice, get to spend quality time with your partner, and you stand a great chance of turning your house hunting into a “home, sweet home”Let us help you achieve this.

Visit with your significant other now!


DON’T PANIC (Covid-19 will not affect your Investment)

It’s been stressful as countries work to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Now that we are in the midst of the Coronavirus-induced stock market sell-off, how should we proceed? The markets have been extremely volatile. Fear is rampant. Investors are reverting to their worst behavioral biases and habits in such an environment. You need to do better than the crowds and continue to invest rationally.

When the world is going through a pandemic that is causing a whole lot of chaos like Coronavirus is doing, it is only normal for there to be panic and second thoughts about plenty of things. Everyone starts to reconsider a lot of decisions they had made previously, wondering how safe those decisions really were.

I can assure you that if you’ve been worrying about 99 things, your investment with Arc-view Investment Limited is not going to add to that and make it a 100. Your ROI is 101% safe and guaranteed regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic currently taking the world by storm. We understand that you might have further questions so please, feel free to call our customer care lines to get the answers you seek.

The world is going to conquer this pandemic and everything will be alright in the end. Until then, please adhere to all safety precautions, avoid putting yourself in any vulnerable situation, wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing.

Please BE SAFE!!!


5 Reasons Why You Will Need a Real Estate Agent Forever!

You may be right to say you can do without a real estate agent in the course of buying, selling or renting a piece of real estate, albeit how far can you really go without one? This article gives 5 reasons why you will forever need a real estate agent.
If most of us had our way we would bypass the middle man when it comes to buying, selling or leasing a property. Going through a real estate agent in the course of a real estate process ensures that we spend more than we bargained for, especially if the agent is only out to exploit you.

However, most often than not a real estate agent makes the job of property search easy for the prospective buyer, as well as making the sales process effectual and productive for the seller.

Just like you are forced to seek the expertise of professionals in other spheres of human avocation where you lack the expertise, seeking the services of a real estate agent to help you out with your property search is almost non-negotiable.

If we can visit a doctor whenever we fall sick, so do we need the expertise of a professional when on the verge to buy, sell or lease a property.

During a home or property search, there is a certain level of expertise that only an experienced real estate agent can provide. The real estate agent makes the whole process a walk in the park for the buyer and the seller or probably the renter.

Thinking of hiring an agent to help you buy, rent or sell? Below you’ll find 5 reasons why it’s essential to work with a real estate agent.

  1. A Good Agent Will Focus on Educating vs. Selling to a Client

It is common knowledge that most agents are more interested in making money from a real estate transaction that anything else their job entails, but a good agent in all sincerity wouldn’t just stop at that. They will also educate you on the entire process so you understand what to expect and situations that may come up once the buying, renting or selling process begins. The agent, just as you, wants to make sure you make a smart and educated decision, at least that is what their job should really be about.

Let’s say you’re a seller and ready to get your home off the market so you can move. Is your property really ready for the market? What about the price, is it fair? Is the location of your property going to hasten the sales process? Do you know how much it costs to sell a house in that area?

There are a lot of questions that must be answered before your home is actually listed. An agent will help you learn about every aspect of selling a home so you have confidence.

An agent transforms the way you think about buying and selling a piece of real estate. They will focus on setting realistic expectations and guiding you through the process so buying doesn’t seem as overwhelming

2. Real Estate Agents Know How to Handle Heated Conversations

While it would be nice to get through a real estate transaction without any problems, this is very rarely the case and sometimes certain home buying situations can get out of hand. For example, what would you do if you were buying a home and the home inspection revealed a problem with the roof, troublesome plumbing, or black mould? Or, what would you do if you were selling a home and the inspector was trying to make a simple problem seem like a larger one? Facing these problems alone can feel impossible and turn you from hopeful to irritated, resulting in clouded judgement.

When you have a great real estate agent providing excellent service, you have someone who knows how to deal with even the most stressful situations — all without losing their cool. Whether you want to prevent a buyer from backing out or you need help telling a seller about repairs that need addressed, your agent will be there. Their experience in this field and critical thinking skills means they’re able to solve problems to help you through.

Even with research you can never anticipate what’s going to come and the myriad of challenges that could be waiting for you. If you want to stand tall and fight for the deal, then an agent is going to be your best line of defence.

3. It Takes a REALTOR to Know Local Market Conditions

When it comes to both buying and selling a home, there are a lot of things you’ll learn during the process. For example, if you’re selling, do you know what the local market conditions are? For those without experience, this is very unlikely. Real estate agents are in-tune with conditions in your immediate market so they know things like:

Type of audience for your home
Where to advertise to buyers
Where most buyers are coming from to see your home
Average number of days it takes to sell a home
The average asking price versus sales price
Trends for real estate in your area
Challenges you could face due to your location
With in-depth knowledge about your market and real estate conditions in your area, your agent can educate you all about the facts. This means facing reality rather than having expectations that are likely not to be met. Even if you’re looking to buy, they will help make sure you get the most for your money and are aware of every realistic challenge, obstacle, and possibility for you to expect.

With so many mistakes that could occur without the right knowledge, it’s necessary to have the guidance of a real estate professional. They’ll help you avoid these mistakes and make smart decisions that are likely to save you money

4. Agents Know How to Negotiate the Best

You may think you can negotiate the best deal for yourself without the help of a real estate agent, but let’s be true to ourselves; do you really know how to sell a home? What if the buyer presents an offer you want to counter, or one that is way too low for you to even consider? When it comes to buying a home, there are just as many needs for negotiating. What would you do if the seller wouldn’t fix something or come down on a too-high price?

Knowing what to do can feel impossible when you’re in the situation, especially if you haven’t dealt with it before. By working with an agent you’ll be able to create a smart strategy, negotiate effectively, and manage the situation in the best way possible.

How do they do this? By using their experience, gathering statistics on the local real estate market, and considering smart negotiation tactics they’ve learned over the years. Having them as your buffer will ensure you’re not at the forefront and can keep emotions out of such an important financial decision

5. REALTORS® Know How to Create Outstanding Marketing

In most cases, a buyer would not walk into a poorly presented open house and begin to imagine the potential it could have. Sure the agent might be able to try and explain what could be, but having the buyer imagine it can be difficult. This is why it’s essential to prepare a home for being sold in the right way.

While you may be able to find each of these things on your own, that doesn’t mean you’ll make the right choices. For example, do you know which real estate photographer is going to get the BEST shots of your home so it’s clear how big the rooms are?

With each of these details you don’t want to take chances. You’ll save time, money, and frustration by having an agent help you with finding professionals who will do an excellent job of presenting your property.

Your home has its own individual style, story, and appeal. While you might know that, conveying that to others may not be so easy. An agent is going to be the one to help you effectively market why your home is so fantastic.

Walking into the real estate process without any knowledge of how it works is a recipe for disaster. In addition to not understanding the market and changes that are so common, you won’t have a reliable source for information.

With a top real estate agent on your side, you can let go of common worries and smile knowing you have an experienced professional, eager and ready to help you. By hiring them, you can look forward to the good things that are about to come!

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The CEO Arc-View Investments Ltd Celebrate Dr. Hamzat, the Deputy Governor of Lagos on his Birthday

Hon. Segun Oshundairo, the CEO, Arc-View Investments Limited celebrating with the big boss Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, the Executive Deputy Governor of Lagos State on his 55th birthday celebration. It was indeed a mix of fun and enjoyment.

In attendance was also the MD Arc-View Investments Limited and other top dignites from all walks of political spheres.

Mr Segun Oshundairo wishes him well and pray that he lives long and also pray for God’s wisdom for him in the gorvanance of the people of Lagos State.

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